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Our Story

We at Bee Unique Apparel, give you the best Rhinestone transfer designs, travel mugs, koozies and many more! We have over 3000 designs in store for you and cater to different areas in the US. Specifically in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and many other areas as well. Any apparel embellished with rhinestones or made in Korea Vinyls can definitely add more sophistication to your special occasion.


It is within this context that was established, an online-based supplier of wholesale premium embellishments of the rhinestone transfer. Our travel mug, designs, koozies, and others will surely make you stand out in style!

Our rhinestone transfer products and hotfix rhinestone motifs are well praised across the country especially in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and even in New York! Also, we have a price reduction of 10% on all transfers and free shipping for orders over $200. We surely provide the best offer for all your rhinestone motifs needs. With our rhinestone products such as heat transfers and hotfix, they will surely add more elegance to wherever you’ll be attaching them.

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